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The Company’s strategy is creating a multi-use facility in Southwest Florida to provide proprietary processor assembly, a location for Southwest Florida Processing, Warehousing, Seedling/Clone Propagation, Global Hemp Training and Technology Center, and corporate headquarters.

Processing Assembly: These activities are already in progress. Current plans and client agreements target May-June 2020 for 1st processors being commissioned. Facility can scale to 2-4 systems per month being assembled, with room for expansion in the current building.  This facility will be the Southeastern USA parts and maintenance depot and will also house the operations team running systems 7x24.

Seedling/Clone Propagation: Planned for automated hydroponic seedling and clone propagation as a Florida Certified Seedling/Clone provider. Pending Florida approved rules and permitting to be made available to the company in January of 2020.  The facility will ramp up to provide seedlings/clones for 2,000 acres, with 2,000 plants per acre and two harvests or 8,000,000 seedlings/clones this will support 1 processor.  We will scale this as acreage expands and will also sell retail seedlings/clones.

Global Hemp Training and Technology Center: This will encompass our own hydroponic grow-out systems to full mature plants for processor testing, materials, and genetics testing.  Training for processor operators/maintenance personnel, hemp applied materials research, and liaison with county, state,federal teams.

Corporate Headquarters: This facility will also house our Executive, Operations, Customer Service, Field Operations, and Processing teams.

3 Levels of Groups For The Hemp Economy Services Platform

We have test marketed to over 1,000 people and companies.  We received overwhelming acceptance of the model. Additionally, we have registered significant market demand, and have outstanding Government support. Our rapid progress highlights an industry-wide need for a multi-faceted approach.

Level 1 – Our 10-Step to Hemp Success Program is for small farmers looking to get into Hemp business, but they need knowledge, on-going services, and minimizing risks;

Level 2 - Existing independent Companies/Groups that have established protocols and require processing;

Level 3 - Strategic Partner Groups such as large-scale land-owners, companies, and groups that are new to Hemp and are looking for investment into the processing and overall hemp industry with reduced risk, plus tactical deployment of seedlings/clones and processing of their crops;

Gravitas’ investment philosophy is deeply rooted within each member of its team which is focused achieving strong economic returns by buying leading companies. Gravitas’ team of principals and advisors have the experience necessary to implement the strategies to make a positive impact in the hemp sector.

Ultimately, Gravitas’ management team believes in the importance of trust-based partnerships focused on the pursuit of both “value and values.”


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Dedicated to the success of its companies, investors, partners and communities.

Allen Witters

Leads Gravitas with support from the company’s other Principals and Advisors. Over his 35-year career, Allen has helped shape modern business by founding and operating several leading services, manufacturing and technology companies.

John P. Arciero

A business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and salesman extraordinaire with a long list of achievements. Through a proven combination of leadership, selling, and management skills. John has enabled leaders and companies to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Dan Bryant

Driving structural innovation to serve markets and stakeholders more effectively is a 25-year passion. Dan has been a leader in adapting to and structuring change across diverse markets and industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, law and real estate.

Jason Gabauer

20 years of financial and operational experience with a diverse set of firms from the smallest of operations in the family office investment space to his work at a larger conglomerate, General Electric.

Tyler Wood

Characterized throughout his 20-year hedge fund career with having a personal and positive communication style that inspires people to act decisively towards a common goal.

Luis Camarena

With his extensive background in business and technology processes, Luis is leading the efforts to establish all systems and procedures.

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