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Gravitas Kannavis, a subsidiary of Gravitas Infinitum, LLC (a holding company), is taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities in the hemp processing equipment business with our exclusive proprietary technology and business services acumen. Our unique technology extricates all compounds from the hemp plant and separates fiber for plastics.

Hemp Biomass Processors

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Why Hemp is a Highly Viable Industrial Product of the Future

Our “Kannavis” brand is an obvious nod to the Cannabis Sativa plant, which includes the low-THC plant known as hemp. We have purposely chosen to include hemp as part of our business strategy to enter into the Nutraceutical sector for reasons we see as highly beneficial to nutraceutical production.

However, we understand that there is a need to engage our prospective investment partners in a dialogue to educate them on what the various hemp plants actually are, and why we are excited to include this industrial plant to optimize return on value.

The low-THC Cannabis plant known as hemp was one of the first plants spun into fiber almost 10,000 years ago. Now, along with other compounds found in high concentrations of the flowers of the plant, primarily CBDs, hemp has many industrial and medicinal applications.

Hemp also happens to be beneficial to the economy and environment. We believe the economic and environmental benefits of the hemp plant will surprise most people.

The resistance to promoting industrial hemp as an option for developing products of notable benefit and profitability likely comes from it’s close association to the higher THC counterpart commonly known as "marijuana". Importantly, until just a short time ago, it was very difficult to differentiate between the low-THC hemp plant and the high-THC plant by casual sight inspection. This was perplexing to local and federal authorities trying to regulate the psychoactive compound derived from the high-THC plants.

Differentiating between the plants required a complex and expensive testing process. However, this has changed dramatically with the advent of new, portable testing devices which make it possible to quickly and effectively field test Cannabis plants and biomass for THC and CBD levels. This significant development has enabled the re-emergence of industrial hemp as a viable raw material for a multitude of commercial uses and products that can positively impact our economy, and the social good.

Understanding and acknowledging that we can now verify a plant species and the levels of psychoactive (THC) and non-psychoactive (CBD) compounds more quickly and accurately should open up the many practical, economic, and legal uses of hemp.


Industrial scale technology & processes that are superior in molecular extraction of oils, and other high-value molecules from hemp biomass.


The Global Industrial Hemp Market Size is Projected to Grow from $4.6 Billion USD in 2019 to $26.6 Billion USD by 2025, recording a CAGR of 34.0%.


Program to introduce Whole Plant Hemp processing to farmers and growers to optimize entire value from their Hemp crop.


Hemp Economy Services Platform which includes business services, whole plant hemp processing using our advanced proprietary technology, and cloud-based customer-centric software.

Hemp Usage

Top 12 Uses For Hemp

1. Food for Human Consumption
2. Beverages
3. Plastic Alternatives
4. Medicinal Uses
5. Animal Feed
6. Building Materials & Insulation
7. Fuel
8. Chemical/Environmental Cleanup
9. Soil Aeration
10. Textiles
11. Paper
12. Cosmetics

In addition, hemp oil can also be used as a wood stain or varnish that is eco-friendly to the point that it can be used on food cutting boards, wood-top kitchen counters, and baby furniture. Undoubtedly, there will be more uses for this functional plant and its many compounds and by products.


Hemp Economy Services Platform

We have test marketed to over 1,000 people and companies.  We received overwhelming acceptance of the model. Additionally, we have registered significant market demand, and have outstanding Government support. Our rapid progress highlights an industry-wide need for a multi-faceted approach.;

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Market Demographic

Gravitas' programs are for Hemp growers, farmers and farm groups who are looking to increase the output of their Hemp crops while minimizing risks and improving profit margins.

3 Levels of Groups

Level 1 – Our 10-Step to Hemp Success Program is for small farmers looking to get into Hemp business, but they need knowledge, on-going services, and minimizing risks;

Level 2 -
Existing independent Companies/Groups that have established protocols and require processing;

Level 3 -
Strategic Partner Groups such as large-scale land-owners, companies, and groups that are new to Hemp and are looking for investment into the processing and overall hemp industry with reduced risk, plus tactical deployment of seedlings/clones and processing of their crops;

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Team Background

Seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success and effective execution of the Hemp Economy Services Platform.

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Vision Statement

Primary Objectives

Farmer Driven Hemp Economy Program to:

• Standardize Hemp Industry

• Eliminate Unnecessary Middlemen

• Build a Farmer Driven Hemp Economy

• Reduce the Boom-Bust Cycle

• Provide Stable Income and Benefits to Farmer/Growers and Their Families


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